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Sunday, 10 July 2011

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City: Springs, Gauteng
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Price: R 950


Contact name Nico Bezuidenhout
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The shaver 9727 can be operated by connecting it to the mains or with the rechargeable batteries.

The model 9325 is a mains only operated appliance

· The safety power plug has an automatic voltage adaption. The appliance adjusts automatically to all the different voltages(100 v – 240 v) and frequencies (50/60Hz) in the world

· To reach optimum rechargeable battery capacity, the batteries should be initially charged for eight hours before the shaver is used for the first time. The appliance is protected against overcharging, but continuous charging is to be avoided. Use the shaver normally until the batteries are completely discharged before fully rechargint them again. To maintain optimum charge capacity this charging/discharging procedure should be repeated several times a year

· A full charge will give you up to 70 minutes cordless shaving time. When connected to the mains, the batteries are fully recharged within 60 minutes. Full charge is indicated by the flashing battery symbol. The red plug symbol indicates that the remaining capacity dropped below 20 %. Do not recharge the batteries earlier to avoid the memory effect of the rechargeable batteries. The remaining capacity is indicated additionally in percentage (100 – 80 – 60 – 40
4) Application

Foil shaving

For best shaving results use the shaver on dry, clean skin. However you can also use the shaver with shaving foam

· Hold the shaver at a right angle to your skin against the direction of growth of the stubble. Apply only light pressure

· Stretch the skin with your free hand so that the hairs stand upright

If you are using a foil shaver for the first time, it generally takes about two to three weeks for the skin to get used to foil shaving.

· After shaving, put the protective cap (1)back on the shaver head. (2) Avoid pressure on the foil as this may cause damage of the foil

· The integrated long hair trimmer (3.1) is used for shortening longer beard stubble in order to have a more efficient foil shave.

Long hair trimmer
The separate long hair trimmer on the back side of the product can easily be extended by sliding it upwards until it clicks in position.

It is particularly used for beard trimming and removal of longer hairs
5) Cleaning and care

Cleaning with water
All models have the unique “lift and wash” function which allows you an easy cleaning of the shaving head under a running tap.

Press the two locking buttons, switch the shaver on and let warm water rinse through the two openings. Because of the low voltage technology of the shaver a safe application is guaranteed.
A perfect cleaning is achieved by the whirling effect of the water combined with the opposite moving cutter blocks. To improve the cleaning and to give the shaver a pleasant freshness it is recommended to add a little of normal liquid soap. After cleaning switch the shaver off. For better drying and optimum air circulation it is recommended to leave the shaving head in the open position. To protect the shaving foil always put on the protective cap.

Do not completely immerse the shaver into water!

If the shaver is always cleaned with warm water, a few drops of sewing machine oil on the cutter blocks and the long hair trimmer are recommended from time to time.

Cleaning without water
The shaver can also be cleaned without water
Press the two shaver head release buttons and pull the shaver head from the casing.
Tap the shaver head on a flat surface or blow the hairs out thoroughly. Never use the brush for cleaning the foil as this may damage it. Clean the cutter blocks with the enclosed cleaning brush
6) Changing foil and cutter blocks

Shaving performance depends on the condition of the foil and the cutter blocks. Both wear gradually in use. Therefore we recommend the following changing intervals:

Shaving foil: once a year XS78
Cutter block: every 2 years XS70

Only the changing of both elements guarantees best shaving performance

Replacing the shaving foil
Removing the shaver head by pressing the two release buttons
Pull the shaving foil out of the shaver head by holding it on the attached straps

Hold the shaving foil only at the straps to prevent damage!
Place the new shaving foil in the shaver head until it clicks in position
Replace the shaver head
Replacing the cutter blocks
Remove the shaver head
Hold the cutter blocks on both sides and lift them from their supports
Place the new cutter blocks in position
Replace the shaver head

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